Areas of Practice

We have represented clients in small matters as well as large catastrophic injury cases throughout New Jersey. We handle cases arising from:

Comprehensive Personal Injury Practice

We recognize that accidents take a physical, emotional and financial toll on victims and their families. The impact of medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and loss of overall quality of life can be devastating.

There will be no charge for our representation until the case is settled or a judgment is obtained via verdict. This is what is known as a contingency fee agreement. If for some reason there is no settlement or judgment, then there will be no legal fee charged.

All consultations concerning personal injury cases are free of charge. During the telephone consultation or meeting we will discuss the issues involved with your case and advise you as to whether we think your case can be successful; if so, we will proceed concerning the next steps in litigation.

Verdicts and Settlements

Automobile Negligence
A man severely injured by an automobile accident involving a vehicle owned by a Northern New Jersey Township; various fractures with surgeries $1,600,000.00
A woman who suffered RSD in an intersection automobile accident $1,000.000.00 Settlement
A police officer injured while on duty due to the dangerous condition of the premises he was investigating; the officer suffered severe leg injury $650,000.00 Settlement
A man injured his lower back and required surgery after an automobile accident with a tractor-trailer $625,000.00 Settlement
Middle-aged male suffered closed head injury with neurological impact $500,000.00 Settlement
A man injured in a motor vehicle accident with neck and back injuries $420,000.00 Settlement
Middle-aged female; compartmental syndrome of the leg $292,500.00 Settlement
Middle-aged female suffered herniated cervical disc, broken finger, & psychological injuries $290,000.00 Settlement
Middle-aged male suffered neck injury requiring surgery $279,963.33
Young adult hit by motor vehicle; neck injuries $250,000.00 Settlement
Minor child; lumbar fracture with good recovery $204,000.00 Structured Settlement
52-year-old male suffered knee injury resulting in meniscectomy $187,500.00 jury verdict including costs
Middle-aged male in motor vehicle accident and suffered shoulder injury along with knee injury, which resulted in partial medial meniscectomy $203,604.00
Middle-aged male (pedestrian) hit & run accident suffered wrist fracture requiring 2 surgeries $175,000.00 Settlement
Middle-aged male with meniscal tears in both knees $160,000.00 Settlement
Middle-aged female (pedestrian) avoiding motor vehicle; neck injuries $97,000.00 Settlement
Premises Liability
Minor child; serious eye injury $1,540,000.00 Structured Settlement
Middle-aged male with back surgery to repair herniated discs $535,000.00
Slip & Fall: An elderly female slipped at defendant's establishment & was forced to undergo hip replacement $350,000.00 Settlement
Elderly female; hip replacement $297,500.00
Slip & Fall: A minor child suffered injury to eye $233,000.00 Structured Settlement
Medical Malpractice
A man severely brain damaged due to medical malpractice after admission to a hospital in South Jersey for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident $4,250,000.00 Settlement
Negligent Security Action
Suit against apartment for negligent security which resulted in assault of a middle-aged male, causing him to sustain a serious eye injury $375,000.00 Case settled after trial and before jury verdict

*The information provided here pertains to specific factual cases. The facts of your case may be different; it is not intended or reported that Costa & LaRosa will have the same results in your case as the cases detailed above.